How do Chronograph Watches Work – Best Chronograph Watches?

When it comes to male fashion accessories, watches are at the top of the list of items that people buy to wear for style. Wristwatches came in a wide range of varieties like simple, minimalistic, luxury, and complex functionality watches. Here we are going to talk about the complex functionality watches that are also known as chronograph watches.

For an ordinary person, the purpose of a watch is time telling but some people want to carry a watch that is far away from just a time-telling machine. Chronograph is a Greek word that represents a stopwatch. Chronograph watches can be extremely complicated devices with beautiful designs.

A modern chronograph watch is designed to tell the time, and record seconds, minutes, and hours on the separate dials inside a watch. These tiny dials not only look cool but are useful for many features. World’s most famous brands like rolex, omega, IWC, Seiko, Breitling, and many others are making beautiful chronograph watches. Replica rolex watches are the best alternative to these expensive brands.

How do chronograph watches work?

A normal watch only contains a crown to set time but chronograph watches contain more than two buttons along with a crown to perform different functions. These buttons are push-to-go buttons that are mostly used to start and stop time recording. When a user pushes a button the stopwatch dial starts to move and on pushing again it pauses to tell the recorded time.

Users can rest the recorded time with the help of these buttons too. The function of a chronographic stopwatch function is complex functionality in a watch. This complexity makes a chronograph watch more expensive than a normal watch.

As I said before chronograph functionality is a complex thing that’s why a lot of components are used to make chronograph functional. Are you interested to learn more about these parts? If yes then continue reading.

  • There is a clutch that moves horizontally and vertically to make the chronograph functional.
  • Flayback is another important part of chronograph watch that can reset the timer without stopping the watch.
  • Pusher buttons are used to activate and deactivate the functions of the chronograph.
  • Sub-dials these small dials present on the main dial of watch that helps to record the time.
  • Tachymeter in a chronograph watch is another useful feature that helps to calculate speed.

Who likes to wear chronograph watches?

Anybody can wear a chronograph watch but sports persons, car racers, and aviation masters like these types of watches. In this modern world of fashion, most people buy a chronograph watch for fashion and status symbols.

According to history of watches Louis Moinet (1816) was the founder of chronograph pocket watch. If we talk about the chronograph wristwatch then the credit goes to Longines (1913).

What are some of the Best Chronograph Watches?

There are some of the best chronograph watches;

  • Rolex Cosmograph
  • Omega Speedmaster
  • TAG Heuer Monaco
  • Breitling Navitimer
  • Seagull 1963 Chronograph
  • Sinn 103 Chronograph
  • Hamilton Aviation Pioneer Chronograph
  • IWC Pilot’s Chronograph
  • Blancpain Air
  • Yema Speedgraf
  • Tissot Heritage
  • Tudor Black Bay
  • TAG Heuer Carrera
  • Porsche Flyback
  • Doxa Sub
  • Nivada Chronomaster
  • Breitling Superocean
  • Omega Seamaster Planet
  • Seiko Presage
  • IWC Portugieser

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